(Published June 27, 2014)

The extraordinary is all around us.

After enduring a difficult year that began with his father unexpectedly walking out on the family, thirteen-year-old Jake Sheppard finds himself at a loss for hope. When his live-in grandfather shares a deeply personal and rather unbelievable bedtime story, the impossibility of the tale's events sparks an interest in Jake to determine its authenticity.

Embarking on a personal journey for the truth leads Jake to a discovery that will not only change his life, but the way he sees the world, forever.

Available now in both paperback and e-book.

"[Seeing] is amazing. Mr. Falank writes realistically."

- Erik Weibel, of This Kid Reviews Books



(Published August 5, 2015)

Even the strangest things happen for a reason.


Miles Greene once spent his days creating beautiful works of cinematic art, all the while treasuring the deepening love for his wife, Stephanie. Currently his days are filled with the mundane as Miles, a recent widower, hides away in his ground-floor apartment, leaving his once successful art career - and his drive to carry on - to complete indifference. With the sudden appearance of a mysterious woman in his building, Miles quickly realizes he is no longer in control of his destiny as forces beyond his control begin to influence his future. The path that unfolds in front of Miles may offer redemption at its end, but it promises a confrontation with the past, as well as coming to terms with the demon hiding within Miles and the burden of guilt he has carried all these years.

Available now in both paperback and e-book.

"A great writer. [Falank] crafts his words with a measured hand; his stories focus on the very personal journeys many of us face."

- John Malik, The Huffington Post, author of Doughnuts for Amy


(Published November 16, 2016)


There are fates worse than death.


In his early thirties, Noah Adams writes of the turning point in his life: a long weekend spent in the company of his estranged father, Scott, a Special Forces soldier who had been gone two years. During their stay in a remote farmhouse out in the Pennsylvania countryside, Noah recalls encountering both bizarre behaviors and horrifying truths.

It is this visit that has shaped the man, husband, and father he has become. For better and for worse.

Available now in both paperback and e-book.

"What a tremendous, well-written, and suspenseful study of family, mental illness, and the secrets and experiences that shape a person!"

- Nicholas Trandahl, author of Good Brave People, Think of Me

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(Published March 18, 2020)

The vacation you'll never forget...

Looking to reconnect their strained marriage, John and Kara Price act upon a spontaneous plan to take an "unplugged" vacation, renting a remote house deep in the wooded landscape of the southern Adirondacks. With their two children in tow, the Price family begin their outing with optimism and without worry but will soon learn another plan has been set in motion; an unexpected and nefarious plot against them, that is slowly coming to light.

Available now in both paperback and e-book.

"..a beautifully detailed study of parental and spousal love placed alongside a suspenseful page-turning plot."

- Kathryn Mattingly, author of The Tutor, Olivia's Ghost, Journey, Benjamin



(Release date: September 13, 2022)

Having been distant for the better part of two years, Malcolm Aton receives a message from his brother seeking help with their elderly father, who is facing the end stages of Alzheimer's.​

Although his relationship is strained with his father and confrontation is imminent, he agrees to take on the mantle of caregiver for the weekend. As is the case with everything involving his family, nothing goes as expected.

Renewal is the story of a family allowing old wounds to heal, of the patriarch coming to terms with the deterioration of his memory and his identity, and of Malcolm struggling with the magnitude of looming inevitability and coming into his own by taking on the ultimate responsibility.