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"This book had me shedding tears, holding my breath, and scooping my sleeping children up and into bed with me."

- Kelsi Rose, Author of Sparrow, Paperback Wings and Patchwork Eyes

The vacation you'll never forget...

Renting a remote house deep in the wooded landscape of the Adirondacks to enjoy an "unplugged" vacation, the Price family begin their outing with optimism but soon learn another plan has been set in motion against them; an unexpected and nefarious plot that is slowly coming to light...

"Joseph Falank's Disconnected is a beautifully detailed study of parental and spousal love placed alongside a suspenseful page-turning plot."

- Kathryn Mattingly, author of The Tutor, Benjamin, Olivia's Ghost

"Falank sure knows how to write a tense, suspenseful story packed into a quick read!"

- Nicholas Trandahl, Author of Good Brave People, Bravery, Pulling Words, and Think of Me

Disconnected - websiteheader.jpg

Author Jamboard

Please note: The following may contain spoilers

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