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It's been a little over a year since I last blogged (previous entries, from July 2013 to July 2017, can be found under the Archives section of my web site). Blogging may not be considered the thing anymore, but I quite enjoy(ed) it. Truth be told as to why I stopped posting on my (old) blog was two-fold: time, and the simplicity (and immediacy) of social media. With two kiddos around, it was so much easier and faster to post something that was writing and work related on Twitter (@JosephFalank) - which forced me to be concise. Just toss in a few hashtags at the end and it was guaranteed to be seen by someone. Blogs are different. They require attention, interest, a click to navigate to, more than thirty-seconds of your time to read, and, sadly, are easy to ignore.

But I like them, and am working to refocus my platform. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook... they're all free. I pay for this web space, so I figure I better start using it. So, with that, here we go.

Let's start with a reintroduction, or a straight introduction if you're new.

I'm Joseph Falank. I'm a writer, husband, and father (of two) living in upstate New York. I write small, quiet stories of quiet protagonists facing extraordinary - and extraordinarily haunting - circumstances. I've authored three books - two novels and one novella - all published by the wonderful Winter Goose Publishing. Let's start with the novels.

My debut novel, Seeing, is a coming-of-age tale of a thirteen-year-old boy named Jake, whose father recently abandoned the family. Along with dealing with the fallout from this abrupt split, Jake is hounded by a bully at school, and, when he least expects it, faces another devastating blow that shatters the last of his already-depleted hope. In a desperate attempt to reclaim some of that prior optimism, Jake seeks out signs from those he's lost, searching for evidence that proves the impossible. Seeing was named a Top Book of 2014 by Erik Weibel of This Kid Reviews Books.

My second novel, The Painted Lady, is a fractured supernatural mystery/thriller about a man named Miles, who was once a successful artist, but put his canvases and brushes aside after the death of his wife. Living out some semblance of a ho-hum life secluded in a downstairs apartment, Miles is dragged from his stationary existence by a enigmatic woman who takes up residence in the unit above. As increasingly strange occurrences bring Miles out of his self-imposed exile from the world, he can only wonder to what end, and what purpose, he is being ushered towards.

As for my novella, An Unexpected Visit tells the story of Noah, a young boy who receives a sudden invite to join his estranged father for the coming weekend out at his farmhouse, far from home, deep in the Pennsylvania countryside. While Noah anticipates awkward moments, long silences, and a lot of bad-feelings towards the man he never believed would betray him (or his mother), what he is shocked to experience are the strange wails of agony that come at night, the stories of pain and death his father shares from his time serving overseas, and a disturbing shrine that exists for a even more disturbing purpose in the attic. As the long weekend draws to a close, Noah fears not just for his future, but the future of his entire family.

All of my books are available in both print and e-book on Amazon.

So, why the new blog, and what can you expect to find here?

Good question. As I mentioned above, this new blog is to rekindle my author platform - especially as I (eventually) begin the agent search (quest) to gain representation, then, hopefully, sell my new novel.

After being published in the small press world, I had realized my dream of being an author and having my name on the front of a book I wrote. But dreams expand and grow and are made up of changing goals. When I envision my writing career, I see more - I see bigger - and now (at age 35) there is no better time to reach for those lofty goals. And, to begin, I want to refocus my efforts and put more content on my web site (which, like I also said prior, I actually have to pay for, so why not put that content here, yeah?). My hope is to update regularly with personal essays, book reviews, news on the status of my current novel (working on the second draft), as well as include interviews and content with other authors. Matter of fact, coming soon here will be something special from an author friend of mine, Kevin Lucia, whose new short story collection, Things You Need, will be released in September.

In closing, I will try to keep my future posts from getting too lengthy (less than a thousand words, if possible), as I know your time is valuable, and, honestly, I just don't have said time myself to be delegating a grand effort here (not right now, anyway), especially with summer coming to an end and having to resume the day job role (it's not an interest thing; posting here occasionally enough is just a balancing act when it comes to work, family, and finding the valuable time to write). But I do promise to be more active here and will try to keep it interesting.

So, if you checked out this post, thank you. Hope to see you again.

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