Of Things to Come

Two years ago, during a very prolific summer, aside from finishing An Unexpected Visit for release that November, I topped off a handwritten novel (one dedicated to my daughter, of which I have yet to revisit and revise), wrote another short novel (this one a strange brew concerning a post-apocalyptic, western-like setting), wrote a novella that was about aliens making contact with past abductees, and put together ten or so essays of an autobiographical nature. Those essays, which ranged from topics concerning my independent film work, through my years doing comedy improv on stage, the many trunk novels I've written and buried away, and how both the film Signs and my Creative Writing professor in college were responsible for my drive to be a published storyteller. These personal recollections were meant to be part of a small, non-fiction collection titled The Butterfly Chronicles. I sent a very early version of Chronicles to my publisher for their thoughts (as I wasn't sure quite what to do with these essays...), and they believed the stories would work best not in a bound edition, but as free stand-alones on my web site/blog - as a good way for me to introduce myself to my readers (and the blog would make these stories readily available).

As it happened, I became so busy with other work, I never edited those essays and released them.

With the recent reintroduction of my blog, now running directly from my site provider, Wix (as mentioned in the previous post, older entries, which were scribed on Blogger and "mirrored" over with mixed results, can be found under the Archives section of my web site), I thought it would be appropriate to finally release those essays and provide a deeper establishment of who I am with my readers and audience.

I would love to say I will edit and post one essay per week - and will certainly aim to do so - however, please don't hold me to it. Sundays are my best days to put together an entry and publish it. We'll see how it goes. I will say I'm excited to revisit these essays and reminisce on some old stories and share them with you.

In other news, upcoming here on the blog, I'll be hosting a narrative written by author Kevin Lucia in anticipation of his newest short story collection, Things You Need (by Crystal Lake Publishing). The narrative - written by a fictional author in his Clifton Heights series - will appear September 26, and in the days following I'll post my review of the book along with an interview with Kevin.

That's all today, dear readers. Quick post and I'm out! Stay tuned.

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