First Peek at the New Site (Coming Soon)

Today my daughter and I were home - she with the fever that’s been making the rounds in her classroom; so in between snuggles on the couch, a marathon of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Roadster Racers episodes, and a trip to the drug store for Kids Tylenol, I did a little work on my website. For a while I’ve been wanting to update the look, more specifically add a splash in the way of color (everything you see currently is black, gray, and white with the purposeful exception of the covers of my books) - at some point in the writing process I associate a color with the feeling/mood and theme of each story; I used to keep that color to myself (and I jot it down in the Story Bible I keep for each book), but then thought that’s something (interesting, to me anyway) to incorporate into the new website design. The explanation for each story's specific color? Well, that's something to delve into in a future blog. Keep an eye out for that.

Meanwhile, my hope is for the new site to bow before the end of the week. Until then, here’s an exclusive sneak peek at what’s to come:

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