O F F I C I A L  W E B S I T E  O F  A U T H O R

J O S E P H   F A L A N K


"Falank is master and commander of his pen." - Natasha Head, author of Pulse, Nothing Left to Lose


The new novel -- The Vanishing at Echo Lake -- releases Tuesday, October 22!

Are you an early reviewer on LibraryThing, Goodreads, or Edelweiss? If so, you can enjoy The Vanishing at Echo Lake right now!

What are early reviewers saying?

"[If] you love a horror story you cannot go wrong with The Vanishing at Echo Lake!" - Edelweiss reviewer.

"Compelling... Engaging... The unfolding mystery and subsequent events at Echo Lake have a[n] unsettling and suspenseful quality... The blend of personal drama and suspense keeps the pages turning, and the atmospheric setting of the lake adds an extra later of intrigue." - Goodreads early reviewer.

The Vanishing at Echo Lake

Fresh off the critically praised Renewal, author Joseph Falank's next release arrives Tuesday, October 22, 2024, which will serve to commemorate ten years since his first published book, the hit young adult novel Seeing, in 2014.

Three couples...

A weekend getaway at a secluded lake house...

What could possibly go wrong?

Ben and Kelsey, Teddy and Denna, and Pete and Carrie haven't seen each other in sixteen months. The friends are excited to reconnect and the trip is a welcome though cautious respite during a lull in the rampaging pandemic outbreak. Each couple brings along their own relationship issues and challenges, along with their fragile hopes of finding normalcy in a brighter, if yet uncertain future.

What awaits them at Echo Lake, however, is more deadly than the virus.

The unexplainable will become the unavoidable and then the undeniable. Each friend will be tested to their limits. It will take sheer determination and resolve to survive... if they can.

Harrowing and relentless, The Vanishing at Echo Lake, is a fast-paced thriller that weaves humanity and real-world issues seamlessly with the threat of the unknown.

"Grabs you from the first page and doesn't stop. If you're looking for a thrilling and immersive read, this is it. I was hooked!" 

- Alice Lakewood, Editor



Two years after an incident caused a rift in his family, aspiring novelist Malcolm Aton returns home, beckoned by his younger brother to assist in the care of their ailing father, who is facing the end stages of Alzheimer's disease.

With confrontation imminent, Malcolm takes on the temporary role of caregiver while contending with big decisions that will impact every corner of his life.


Nothing will go as expected.

"Falank writes an honest, raw, gut wrenching, heartbreaking novel about the reality of Alzheimer's disease. But there is so much more to this book than the debilitating disease - this book is also about forgiveness, about relationships, heartbreak, and the renewal of life after all of that. It's a book that you don't want to miss."

- Kristin G., The Book Addict

"...there may have been a tear or two towards the end. ...a well-written account..."

- Di B., The Book Review Crew

"...Renewal is a powerfully written and incredibly honest story..."

- Max Bowen, Citywide Blackout podcast