About the Author

Joseph Falank enjoys writing that evokes emotion across many genres. He is the author of Renewal, The Painted Lady, An Unexpected Visit, and Disconnected. His work has appeared in RiverLit Magazine, and he has also authored the young adult novel Seeing.


He lives with his wife and two children in upstate New York where he is currently working on a novel for his daughter.

Joseph's sixth release, The Vanishing at Echo Lake, will be published by BHC Press on November 12, 2024

Author Links


Creative Space: Chats with Writers

Episode 2 of Creative Space features a conversation with Joseph Falank, author of adult and young adult fiction, who shares what inspires his creativity, his processes for writing, where ideas come from, what his link is to Rod Serling and "The Twilight Zone," and, near the end of this half hour conversation, offers a preview of his upcoming novel Renewal and why he considers the book a "second coming of age."

Creative Space is hosted by Mary Vensel White, author of The Qualities of Wood, Bellflower, and Starling.

Citywide Blackout Podcast:

Episode 272: Author Joseph Falank's new novel, Renewal, is a powerfully written and incredibly honest story of a family coming to grips with the reality that their patriarch is afflicted with Alzheimer's.

We discuss the relationship that Malcolm and his father has and what it is like to reconnect after two years. Falank sheds light on how Malcolm adjusts to being his father's caregiver and the impact of their roles being reversed. We also talk about the affect Alzheimer's can have on the patient's loved ones and the new challenges they will have to overcome.