"This book is amazing." - Erik Weibel, thiskidreviewsbooks.com


The extraordinary is all around us.

After enduring a difficult year, thirteen-year-old Jake Sheppard is at a loss for hope. When his live-in grandfather shares a deeply personal and rather unbelievable bedtime story, embarking on a journey for the truth leads Jake to a discovery that will not only change his life, but the way he sees the world, forever.

Published June 27, 2014 by Winter Goose Publishing

Available in paperback and e-book.

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"This book is amazing. [It] really left an impression on me. I finished it in one day. For anyone who says small publishers don't produce good books - check out Seeing. It will change your mind in many ways. I give Seeing 5 out of 5 bookworms!"

- Erik Weibel (thiskidreviewsbooks.com) - chosen as a Top Book of 2014.

"Joseph Falank has a gift for well-penned prose that causes deep emotion - in his characters, and in his readers. Truth, discovery, and unexpected turns are what life is all about, and in this novel, young Jake's personal journey is a page-turner to be sure. This author paints some beautiful scenes with the brush of his pen and affects every emotion before the final page." 

- Kathryn Mattingly, Author of Benjamin

"I love a book that plants lovely images in your head that come back, even after you've put it down. This book is a string of touching and excellently described moments, superbly tied together by Falank (for me, I can't wait to sit with my back to the side of a piano while someone plays). Not only does he peg the confusion and anger of being 13, but he paints these emotions with the enormity they deserve, without losing hope that the characters can overcome them. This is a quiet, hopeful book and I'd definitely recommend it for families struggling with death, divorce, or just the growing pains that come with coming-of-age."

- Molly Elwood, Author of Spartacus and the Circus of Shadows

"The angst, the hormones, the desire to be invisible is all captured beautifully by Mr. Falank in his debut novel, Seeing. That Mr. Falank is able to turn the seemingly mundane movements of a 7th grader into a page turner is credit to his love of the written word. Seeing is beautifully written and carefully constructed. It's a brilliant debut novel that doesn't lean on shootouts, car crashes, or international intrigue but rather the gut-wrenching intrigue of middle school."

- John Malik, Author of Doughnuts for Amy

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